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In my teaching role I provide projects for MRes, MSc and BSc students and it is really helpful to have an accessible, smart database of protocols that I can use to find the methodology that is best suited to their projects.


Prof. Michael Ladomery

Professor of Genetics @ University of the West of England

PubCompare is a game-changer for researchers like me. Just as PubMed and Web of Science revolutionized abstract searches, PubCompare does the same for protocol exploration. It helps me sail through the sea of protocols, ensuring my experiments are anchored in solid methodology.


Dr. Manolis Adamakis

Assistant Professor @ National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

PubCompare allows to efficiently compare multiple research publications side-by-side. This can be particularly useful when evaluating studies on similar topics or treatment approaches. I can quickly identify key methodological differences, outcome measures, and results across studies. Also, PubCompare helps in avoiding duplicate research

Dr. Elena Cecilia Rosca

Professor @ Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara has proven to be a very useful tool in my research work. I have used it to find and compare protocols for extracting bioactive substances from food industry residues and protocols for determining the presence of bioactive substances in the extracts and their antioxidant activity.


Dr. Mirela Planinić

Professor @ Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

A repository platform for experimental protocols is vital for researchers because it facilitates reproducibility and transparency in scientific research. By sharing their protocols, researchers can collaborate more effectively, accelerate scientific progress, and avoid duplication of effort. Furthermore, open access to protocols fosters confidence in the results and allows for more rigorous evaluation of research quality. This transparency promotes a strong scientific culture and helps avoid bias and errors. In short, such a platform improves the efficiency and integrity of my research.


Dr. Rosa María Cárdaba García

Professor and researcher @ Universidad de Valladolid

PubCompare is the first search engine devoted to real experimental protocols. Up to now, I searched for protocols in PubMed, and that was not at all convenient, nor efficient. I have used PubCompare only a few times, but each time I did find the protocol I was looking for.


Dr. Germain Rousselet

Research Director @ CEA

Registration of a study and publication of a protocol has now become expected in health sciences, both at primary and meta-research levels. Robust, trustworthy, available, and searchable protocols are key ways to improve transparency and minimize research waste. PubCompare fills this gap in protocol processing.


Dr. Maciej Płaszewski

Professor @ University of Physical Education

PubCompare is easy to use, exceptionally scientists friendly. Results of the search e.g. papers applying searched protocol provide detailed list of publications and all of them fall within the scope of the search. The search is precise and there are no misleading papers that do not provide method of the interest listed. The platform allows one to use already suggested keywords to narrow the search and find the protocols used for specific experimental model, matter to be studied or study design.


Prof. Davor Zeljezic

Senior Scientific Advisor @ Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health

Designing valuable and rigorous research protocols is necessary and particularly important for effectively carrying out my job. In this context, PubCompare is particularly promising as it helps find robust protocols, benefiting research outcomes and, as a consequence, clinical efforts as well.

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Dr. Gabriele Masi

Head of the Unit Complex of Neuropsychiatry @ IRCCS Stella Maris Foundation

It enables users to compare protocol sections across publications swiftly. PubCompare still gives scientists the freedom to design their protocols based on extensive information. The notable aspect of this platform is that it incorporates AI for detecting, comparing, and evaluating the reproducibility of protocols using in-protocol citations.


Dr. Ivica Djalovic

Principal Research Fellow @ Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, National Institute of the Republic of Serbia

There is continuous development of methodologies, so researchers are typically interested in having the best protocol for new experiments, i.e. a community protocol. Having historical protocols of course have a value in looking at the past experiments, especially in addressing the inconsistencies among experiments.


Ülo Niinemets

Professor @ Estonian University of Life Sciences

As a professional in Clinical Psychology, PubCompare seems like a valuable tool in my daily workflow. With its intuitive interface, I can swiftly compare various protocols based on key metrics. This enables me to streamline my research process, ultimately saving valuable time and ensuring optimal choices.


Dr. Vasiliki Holeva

Clinical Psychologist @ Papageorgiou General Hospital

PubCompare provides a platform that facilitates collaboration within research teams or across different institutions that are conducting similar research. By sharing standardized protocols, I can identify and replicate experiments more effectively, verify results, and build upon previous findings, fostering a culture of transparency and reproducibility in scientific research.


Dr. Frank Kiwanuka

Assistant Professor @ University of Eastern Finland

PubCompare seems to be a promising tool to find relevant protocols among large databases, which is clearly important in terms of efficiency, saving time by quickly identifying protocols that match my specific research needs. The idea of accessing protocols from reputable sources also minimizes the risk of using flawed or outdated methodologies in future studies.


Dr. Rita Cordovil

Assistant Professor @ University of Lisbon

PubCompare is a unique, gap filling and ideal tool for researchers optimizing new experimental protocols or checking similar literature data for the discussion part of a manuscript, as well as for methodological or other reviews. You must absolutely try it!


Katalin Solymosi

Assistant Professor @ Eötvös Loránd University

Looking into mountains of papers to find the right methodology can be time-consuming. PubCompare makes it easier to compare protocols quickly and efficiently.


Dr. Stavros Chatzifotis

Research Director @ Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

This platform is very helpful in fast tracking of research protocols (and you a get large number of similar protocols and findings) concerning the factors and variables an individual researcher is looking for, and at once you are linked to the published study and can get acquainted with the whole text. This reduces the time for literature review and ties the researcher exactly with the things that he needs to gain some background knowledge about the research they are going to undertake.


Prof. Michal Bronikowski

Head of Department of Physical Activity @ Poznan University of Physical Education

I work with a team in experimental fields, and we have often found out that performing experiments according to the protocols included in the manuscripts is not easy. We often waste time and money on expensive reagents and the results are poor. Therefore, access to a database of proven protocols would be very desirable and useful for the entire scientific community.


Prof. Alicja Wegrzyn

Director of the Phage Therapies Center @ Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Sciences

A platform that includes study protocols of different backgrounds is relevant not only to register the study but to consult the protocols. This is quite important when developing the protocols/studies to replicate all methodological procedures or to create new ones.


Prof. Rafael Oliveira

Professor @ Polytechnic Institute of Santarém

PubCompare is a useful tool that helps us to carry on a review of the state of the art regarding used protocols in previous research and enables you to identify how successful these were by identifying how many times these protocols have been cited.


Dr. Karla Muñoz Esquivel

Lecturer in Computing @ Atlantic Technological University

It is useful to quickly find protocols from the Materials and Methods section, which is rarely indexed in Google or Pubmed. It is then easy to find the publication where it comes from.


Alice Meroni

Postdoc @ University of Zurich

It is useful to search and compare protocols with AI. It has already got a huge amount of reliable experimental protocols in Life Sciences, and with this tool it is possible identify critical steps and evaluate reproducibility.


Mirian Santamaría Peláez

Permanent Lecturer @ Universidad de Burgos

In a rapid developing environment this tool is helping researchers and students to add value to the overall process of research, development and innovation, leading to new opportunities of creating and enhancing the Triple/Quintuple Helix Innovation Model.


Dr. Cristina Veres

Lecturer @ George Emil Palade University is very useful as it provides quick access to data on approved medical and surgical protocols. With a view to applying new technologies to the protocols of the future, PubCompare is able to support the user in immediately identifying the state of the art.


Leonardo Frizziero

Associate Professor @ University of Bologna

PubCompare is a very useful working tool in the field of research. It has very good function and analysis power. And its functions save you a lot of work time.


José Luis Felipe

Senior Lecturer @ Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

This tool is extremely accurate in identifying and analyzing protocols on the topics to be studied, allowing quick access for sharing information intended for the application of these same tools for the development of scientific investigations and applications in service provision and community tasks.


Samuel Honório

Adjunct Teacher @ Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco

I believe that PubCompare fills a need that has not been contemplated until now and that opens an important framework for easy and direct access to proven protocols with sufficient evidence support that, hopefully, will help to improve the management of our patients anywhere in the world.


Dr. Pedro Arango-Sancho

Head of teaching and research of the Nephrology Department @ Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

With PubCompare, I can quickly identify relevant research articles, track trends in my field, and make informed decisions about my own work. I highly recommend PubCompare to anyone looking to streamline their literature review process and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their area of study.


Bulcha Belay Etana

PhD candidate @ Ghent University

Searching through protocols with existing tools is very time consuming, since these tools do not allow detailed search strategies. PubCompare solves this problem, allowing researchers to take previous published as well as unpublished work into account.


Sytske Anne Bergstra

Postdoctoral researcher @ Leiden University Medical Centre

Very useful tools that promises to save hours of tedious and tiring research


Francesco Amico

Neuroscience consultant & remote neurofeedback coach @ independent

I have used the portal to check key protocols in Molecular biology/virology widely used in my lab and I have used for finding new ones; the searches were successful and satisfying.


Vitantonio Pantaleo

Senior Researcher @ Italian National Research Council (CNR)

My research team and I were often hoping to be able to access an online protocol database. PubCompare is a very welcome development and a great source to look for protocols. We look forward to its developing features and improvements.


Jorg Fritz

Director @ McGill Research Center on Complex Traits (MRCCT)

The last days I was doing the same search using search engines I am more familiar with, i.e. google, scopus & pubmed. The response I got [with PubCompare] was closer to what I was looking for and there were no irrelevant hits, which saved a lot of time. I managed to make a step forward and moved to the next part of the proposal.


Spiros Paramithiotis

Assistant Professor @ University of Ioannina

As academics, we are always in search of user-friendly literature review applications, and your website significantly contributes to fulfilling this need. Your platform offers valuable resources and tools that can enhance our research processes.


Yusuf Ali Altuncı

Assistant Professor @ Ege University

Scope of coverage

25+ Million

Open Access protocols from peer reviewed publications

16+ Million

Closed Access protocols detected behind paywalls

1 Million

Open Access protocols from patents

Coverage includes methods extracted from all Open Access Pubmed publications, 4 million Closed Access Pubmed publications, 1 million non Pubmed publications (chemistry, material sciences, engineering, etc), 1 million USPTO patents and soon more.

Smart Features
to gain time

Enriched protocols thanks to annotations

Automated protocol annotations based on systematic analysis of similar experimental set-up and user feedback loop.

Critical Steps Breakdown

Break down up to 6 similar protocols in a table to identify critical steps and compare their parameters and variables.

Reproducibility insights

Detect positive and negative controls as well as any key reproducibility features.

Follow protocol citation trails

Find which protocols have been cited by other protocols thanks to shortcut citations.

Indexed Terms to expand or filter your search

Advanced semantic analysis that automatically groups together various forms of a word.

Detect relevant publications behind paywalls

Thanks to shortcut citations, identify relevant methods hidden behind paywalls.

About PubCompare

Our mission is to provide scientists with the largest repository of trustworthy protocols and intelligent analytical tools, thereby offering them extensive information to design robust protocols aimed at minimizing the risk of failures.

We believe that the most crucial aspect is to grant scientists access to a wide range of reliable sources and new useful tools that surpass human capabilities.

However, we trust in allowing scientists to determine how to construct their own protocols based on this information, as they are the experts in their field.

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